Smart Environment: Five Technologies to Create a Pet-Friendly Home

Smart Environment: Five Technologies to Create a Pet-Friendly Home

Pet owners have a lot of responsibilities other than just taking care of their pets. So, they may not be there for their fur babies as much as they want to.

Still, as a responsible pet owner, you want to be able to check on your pets even when they are not with you. You want to make sure that they are safe and comfortable and their needs are met.

Thankfully, technology provides you an opportunity to accomplish these things.

Certain devices can help ensure that you continue to take care of your pet even while you are away from home, from automatic feeders to cloud-managed cameras to climate-controlled vehicles.

Five Technologies To Create A Pet Friendly Home


What Is a Smart Environment?

A smart environment is where computers and other technological devices work together to make human life more comfortable.

From a technical standpoint, such devices must accomplish specific tasks by themselves and work efficiently even with minimal human intervention.

For pet owners, the definition of a smart environment also means using technology to make it easier for them to take care of their pets.

Pet-Friendly Technologies

New and exciting technologies come out more frequently now than ever before. Some of these technologies are now used to create pet-centered solutions to improve the pets and pet owners lives.

Smart Pet Feeders

When you are busy and slumped with tons of work, it can be easy to forget your pet’s feeding time. Smart pet feeders provide a solution to this problem.

Smart feeders allow you to set the schedule on them to automatically dispense pet food. You can feed your pet on time, every day, even when you are away. Just be sure to refill it once the feeder runs low.

Security Cameras

Home cameras are not just for security. You can also use them to check or monitor activities in your home.

As a pet owner, having security cameras allows you to visually monitor what your pet is doing and where it goes.

For example, you are away from home and suspect your pet may be having a flea problem. In this situation, you can remotely view your pet with your home cameras.

If your pet is constantly scratching and itching, you may consider stopping by a pharmacy and buying natural flea repellents like essential oils for your pet before heading back home.

There are plenty of camera installation options available. But if we are talking about a smart environment, it may be preferable to have as little physical equipment at home as possible (aside from the cameras themselves).

Cloud-managed cameras eliminate the need for bulky equipment such as servers and video storage so you can spend less time on deployment and maintenance and more on monitoring your pets.

With less equipment, setting up these cameras should be easy. Coupled with high-speed internet, you can remotely view your pets at home even while you are on a business trip.

Wearable Pet Monitors

Another way to monitor your pet is through wearable devices.

GPS trackers allow you to follow your pet’s whereabouts. These devices are lightweight, so you can attach them to your pet’s collar without being obtrusive.

Some GPS trackers allow you to establish “safe zones” for your pet. Suppose your fur buddy crosses outside the zone’s boundary. In that case, the device can send you an alert notifying you of your pet’s location.

Another wearable device is a fitness tracker. These devices can check your pet’s health condition like heart rate, distance traveled, or calories burned.

Fitness trackers are also helpful when your pet is in therapy or on medication. Like GPS trackers, fitness trackers can also send you alerts.

You may even consider utilizing fitness trackers to set an appointment with your pet’s vet, schedule your pet’s medication, or remind you of your pet’s food supplement intake like glucosamine, fish oil, or oral tinctures and plant extracts for dogs.

Remotely Connected Toys

Pets also need entertainment and time to play. If you are not around, they may become restless when no one plays with them.

Remotely connected toys allow you to interact with your pets even when you leave them alone at home. Some of these toys have cameras, and others have audio, so your pets can hear your voice.

These toys include interactive cubes (small, cube-shaped, pet-friendly cameras) and remotely controlled ball launchers (throws balls for pet dogs to retrieve).

Climate-Controlled Vehicles

It is not uncommon that pet owners bring their pets inside their vehicles, especially when going on a grocery run or a fast-food drive-thru.

However, leaving your pets inside the vehicle may be dangerous, as leaving pets unattended for prolonged periods can cause your pet to suffer or die from suffocation or heat stroke.

Some modern vehicles now have a climate control feature. This feature keeps the interior temperature regulated even when the owner is outside the car so pets can stay cool and well-ventilated.


Technology is now a significant part of modern life. Not only do humans benefit from a smart environment, but pets are also kept safe and comfortable.

Still, you should not entirely rely on technology to manage your fur babies. Devices can break down, and your internet connection can get disconnected.

Technology can never replace human-animal interaction. However, it is better than not having any means of checking on your pet when you are away from home.

As technology continues to improve, devices will become even more reliable and help forge a stronger bond between you and your pet.



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