• Nov 10 2018

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    A New Chapter in Hell’s Kitchen

    After months of anticipation, Heart of Chelsea’s newest location has opened its doors to the Hell’s Kitchen community and surrounding neighborhoods! Heart of Chelsea Veterinary Group – Hell’s Kitchen 453…

  • Jul 31 2018

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    Your Pet and Human Food

      Seeing your furry friend happy is one of the best feelings in the world, and when that kind of exuberant happiness is only a french fry away, what’s the harm?…

  • Jun 29 2018

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    Summer Safety for Your Dog

      Summer time! A whole season dedicated to cookouts, beach trips, baseball games, and sweet sunshine.  If summer were a person, they would be the warm-hearted, bubbly, life of the…

  • May 05 2018

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    Chocolate Toxicity and Your Dog

      As full service hospitals, we often experience a variety of toxin ingestion calls and appointments. From apple seeds to coffee beans to onions, our talented team has treated plenty…

  • Mar 23 2018

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    National Puppy Day

      A WHOLE day dedicated to puppies? Someone come over here and pinch us because this must be a dream.   National Puppy Day – That’s right, an entire 24…

  • Feb 26 2018

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    Happy Pet Dental Health Month

    Are you paying close attention to your pet’s pearly whites? If not, February is a great time to start! February is Pet Dental Health Month and we are SUPER excited…

  • Sep 13 2017

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    Bach Barks Back

    I would like to begin by saying that I am a snob. A classical music snob, to be exact. And as a classical musician myself, I tend to feel a…

  • Aug 26 2017

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    One Health Wonder(s)

    After a brief hiatus, the bi-monthly blog is back. And what better way to return than with news of a few One-Health Breakthroughs? From Gorilla births to Spina Bifida, One…

  • Aug 03 2017

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    People-Mover Predicaments

    Elevators are pretty crazy, when you think about it. A small, windowless metal box held up by a series of coils, slinging us through vertical space, literally and figuratively sealing…

  • Jul 19 2017

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    Get To Know Us – With Debra Michal, LVT

    The “Get To Know Us” series strikes again, this time with the always wonderful Debra Michal. Debra is essentially the technician “mom” of our staff, and ironically enough, she is…