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Explore Our Veterinary Blogs

Our veterinary blog offers up articles to answer all your non-urgent, pet-related questions. Check them out and contact us if you’d like to see a specific topic!

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bones?

Hey there, pet parents of Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Lower East Side, and Park Slope! We all love spoiling our furry friends, especially during holiday feasts or family gatherings. But let’s face it: Not everything on the dinner table is safe for Fido. A common question we hear at Heart of Chelsea Veterinary Group is, “Can…

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heatstroke in dogs in new york city ny

Heatstroke in dogs: keeping your dog safe from heat exhaustion

With the dog days of summer upon us, it’s crucial for every pet parent to understand the signs, risks, and preventive measures of heatstroke in dogs. Being informed can make all the difference in your canine companion’s health, especially in bustling cityscapes like Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Lower East Side, or Park Slope.  In this blog,…

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dog parks manhattan ny

8 Best Dog Parks in New York City

A dog park is like Disneyland to a playful, energetic pup who wants nothing more than to run free and socialize. They also love playing games like catch and frisbee and enjoying quality time with their favorite human. There are plenty of dog parks in and around Manhattan, New York, where dogs enjoy themselves thoroughly.…

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my cat throws up but acts fine afterwards new york city ny

What to Do if Your Cat is Throwing Up But is Acting Fine

No cat parent wants to see their precious feline throwing up, even when it is something as benign as a hairball. So, what do you do if your cat is throwing up but acting fine afterwards? Typically, if your cat throws up but acts fine afterwards, there is nothing to worry about. This is especially…

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French Bulldog

Why Do French Bulldogs Snort and Breathe Heavily?

French bulldogs belong to a group of dogs known as the brachycephalic breeds, which means that they experience difficulty breathing. They can also snort a lot and snore when they are sleeping. Frenchies are known for their adorable, squashed faces but are unfortunately susceptible to breathing troubles because of their narrow nostrils and short noses that restrict…

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Spot Spring Allergies

Spot Spring Allergies: Ask a Vet

Spot Spring Allergies: Ask a Vet Brooklyn Bark spoke with the medical director at Heart of Chelsea Veterinary Group to answer your questions about spring allergies in your pets! After several mood swings, Mother Nature has blessed New York with spring. The city packs away seasonal depression and winter jackets in favor of brighter colors,…

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what is a pet travel certificate new york city

Pet Travel Certificates: What Are They and How Do You Get One?

Traveling is a fun and exciting adventure, and you may want to bring your pet with you along for the ride. Many pet parents do not know that a certificate of veterinary inspection is mandatory for all pets to travel. A pet travel certificate is a digital document or paper indicating that your pet is…

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why do dogs sigh and moan long island ny

Why Do Dogs Sigh and Moan?

Why Do Dogs Sigh and Moan? Have you ever wondered why your dog is sighing or moaning? Many pet parents would love to know what their pup is saying. Sometimes a dog will sigh or moan when they are feeling content. They may be relaxed and getting ready for a nap, or they may have…

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Hoc Park Slope Exterior

North Slope Veterinary Has Merged With Heart Of Chelsea Veterinary Group

North Slope Veterinary is happy to announce our merger with Heart of Chelsea Veterinary Group. This is an extremely exciting time for us to be partnering with an extraordinary team of veterinary professionals.  We want to reassure you how much we value the opportunity to serve you and your pets. The good news is that the…

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Cat In Suitcase

Flying with Four-Legged Family

Traveling with your pet this season? Heart of Chelsea can help! Whether you are planning a trip within the United States, or escaping the cold in favor of an exotic destination abroad, our team of travel experts can provide the guidance, medical treatments and paperwork you’ll need to travel securely and with peace of mind.…

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