Making International Pet Travel Easier with Pet Travel Certificates  in New York City

Making International Pet Travel Easier with Pet Travel Certificates in New York City

pet travel certificates in new york city

At Heart of Chelsea Veterinary Group, we know that traveling with your pet can be a joyous experience, but it can also be quite challenging, due to all the requirements! To ensure your pet’s health and safety, their travels require extensive planning and preparation. Our team has experience assisting pet owners with both domestic and international pet travel, and our USDA-accredited doctors are qualified to issue pet health certificates.

See below for important information about domestic and international pet travel.

Domestic Pet Travel

Domestic Pet Travel

There are many things to consider before you and your pet board your domestic flight, in order to ensure your pet’s health, safety, and eligibility for air travel.

To start, it is recommended that your pet have a current health certificate and history of vaccinations. You also need to consider the fact that different airlines may have different requirements and regulations regarding pet travel. Take time to review your airline’s requirements and make sure you are able to meet them.

Key considerations include:

  • Health documents: This includes your pet health certificate, vaccinations for rabies and other diseases, etc.
  • Your pet’s size: Can they accompany you in the cabin, or will they need to travel in the cargo area?
  • Pet carrier: Does your pet carrier meet the airline’s requirements based on size, materials, labeling, and bedding?
  • Temperature: Transporting your pet in the cargo area might be restricted depending on the expected temperature of the cargo hold at arrival and departure.
  • Fees: Your airline might charge handling fees for your pet.
  • Security screening/check-in: Anticipate extra time or requirements may be needed for you to check in your pet.
International Pet Travel

International Pet Travel

Traveling internationally with your pet requires increased planning and preparation compared to domestic travel. Your pet’s health and safety are important to us, and we are committed to assisting you with your pet’s veterinary travel plan. Our doctors are USDA-certified to issue pet health certificates and can help to ensure your pet has the necessary vaccinations and blood testing as required.

We strongly encourage you to research the health and transportation requirements, such as:

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: Travel to Australia, New Zealand, Japan or Hawaii

We understand that travel preparations for certain domestic and international destinations can be very extensive, time sensitive and go beyond medical care only. Therefore, we do work with a pet relocation company to ensure you are receiving the most current information and thorough guidance from a professional for these four destinations.

Traveling with Service Animals

Traveling with Service Animals

For information about traveling with a service animal or emotional support animal, go here.

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