Pet Travel Certificates

Pet Travel Certificates for Jet-Setting Pets

Heart of Chelsea Veterinary Group understands the joys and challenges of traveling with your pet. To ensure your pet’s health and safety, pet travel requires planning and preparation. We have experience assisting our clients with both domestic and international pet travel, and our certified USDA accredited veterinarians are qualified to issue pet health certificates.

Domestic Pet Travel

Air travel with your pet can be enjoyable for both of you. There are many factors to consider while preparing to travel to help ensure the health, safety, and eligibility of your pet to travel by plane. Minimally, a current health certificate and history of vaccinations are recommended. Specific air travel requirements vary by airline and can change at any time. We urge you to contact your airline carrier for complete regulations prior to booking. Key considerations include:

  • Health documents—Pet health certificate, vaccinations such as rabies, or other health requirements
  • Size of pet—Determines if your pet can accompany you in the cabin or must travel in the cargo area
  • Type of carrier—Restrictions on size, materials, labeling and bedding
  • Temperature—Airlines may restrict transport of pets placed in their cargo hold based on the anticipated arrival and departure temperature
  • Fees—Additional handling fees may be required for your pet
  • Security screening/check in—Details regarding extra time or requirements for checking in your pet
International Pet Travel

Traveling internationally with your pet requires increased planning and preparation compared to domestic travel. Your pet’s health and safety are important to us, and we are committed to assisting you with your pet’s veterinary travel plan. We are certified by the USDA to issue pet health certificates and can help to ensure your pet has the necessary vaccinations and blood testing as required. We strongly encourage you to research the health and transportation requirements, such as:

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: Travel to Australia, New Zealand, Japan or Hawaii

We understand that travel preparations for certain domestic and international destinations can be very extensive, time sensitive and go beyond medical care only. Therefore, we do work with a pet relocation company to ensure you are receiving the most current information and thorough guidance from a professional for these four destinations.

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