Frequently Asked Travel Questions

Frequently Asked Travel Questions

Q: How much does will this process cost?

A: Given the diverse nature of the requirements for pet travel to different countries, an accurate quote can be provided after a team member has received your travel inquiry stating your travel details and your pet’s relevant medical records to learn about the specifics of your needs.

Q: How long does the process take? / How long until I receive the documents back?

A: Different countries have distinct timelines for document endorsement. Upon submission of your paperwork, we communicate your travel dates, allowing the USDA to endorse and deliver the documents within the designated timeframe.
Q: Will I receive updates during the submission process?
A: We understand the importance of a worry-free experience for you. While updates are available upon request, please be confident that our experienced and professional team is diligently working to ensure a smooth process, allowing you to focus on other travel priorities.
Q: Where can I receive my physical documentation back?

A: Endorsed documents can be sent via FedEx to any address. We recommend you select to return to our hospital if you cannot be sure someone will be available to receive your documents at the time of delivery.

Q: Can I submit or retrieve the documents myself?

A: The USDA permits submission through FedEx or their online veterinary portal with in-person submissions currently not accepted. The method of return for your endorsed documents will vary based on the country, either through FedEx delivery or electronic transmission.
Q: How do I return to New York?

A: At the minimum, a health certificate dated within 30 days of your arrival and a current rabies vaccination is required. There is currently a temporary ban on imports from countries on the High Risk for Rabies List. Please consult with your travel team representative whether the country you are returning from falls into this category and the additional steps or documents that may be needed for return.

Q: Will this process need to be done every time I travel with my pet?

A: Many travel destinations require health certificates, but certain countries have streamlined procedures for frequent travelers. Your travel team member will let you know of any available options to expedite the process.

Q: Does my pet need sedatives for the flight?

A: For the well-being of your pets during air travel, we advise against full sedation. If you believe it would be beneficial, anxiolytics can be prescribed after a thorough discussion with your veterinarian.
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