Dr. Canna Takise DVM

Dr. Canna Takise DVM

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Dr. Canna Takise grew up in Dublin, California (not Ireland) across from a horse ranch, with a border collie named Momo and a brown tabby named Sora. During her childhood, she spent her days discovering secret forts in the neighborhood with her brother or playing the piano.

She wanted to become a veterinarian from a young age and studied Biology at UCLA. Outside of campus, Dr. Takise got involved with organizations that provided education for children in at-risk communities. Over summer breaks, she shadowed established veterinarians and participated in externships abroad, working with exotic and wildlife species.

After obtaining her undergraduate degree, Dr. Takise moved to Japan to work as an English teacher. She completed her veterinary education at UC Davis, where she fell in love with behavioral medicine and Fear-Free practices.

This fascination continued throughout her internship at the ASPCA Animal Hospital, where she cultivated interests in surgery and dentistry. A significant part of her decision to join the Heart of Chelsea team was our commitment to Fear-Free certification. She is looking forward to meeting your special companions and supporting both their physical and behavioral health.

Dr. Takise is no longer looking for secret forts, but she is enjoying exploring the city. On her days off she likes to spend quality time with loved ones over a meal, being outdoors around trees, or staying with her cat Sora. Any recommendations for restaurants to try are always appreciated!