8 Best Dog Parks in New York City

8 Best Dog Parks in New York City

A dog park is like Disneyland to a playful, energetic pup who wants nothing more than to run free and socialize. They also love playing games like catch and frisbee and enjoying quality time with their favorite human.

There are plenty of dog parks in and around Manhattan, New York, where dogs enjoy themselves thoroughly. Prospect Park Dog Beach in Brooklyn is fun for pooches who like to go for a swim. Washington Square Park may be ideal if you and your dog enjoy a livelier atmosphere filled with music and arts. 

Dog parks with many areas for your canine companion to roam and where they can play safely with other pups is the best place for them. If you choose to find out why the “big apple” is superior in dog parks, check out this article about the eight best dog parks in and around Manhattan, New York. 

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1) Madison Square Dog Park Run

You may be familiar with this park, as it is where the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is held. Madison Square Dog Park Run is located on 24th street on the park’s west side. This fun park in New York’s landmark location has a double entry gate to keep your precious pooch safe.

 Jemmy’s Dog Run is an excellent place for dogs to be social and exercise with their humans. Your canine will be able to meet up and play with loads of other pups during your visit. There are also two different areas for large and small dogs. 

When your playful pup has finished running around and expending energy, take them to the shake shack and get them a dog-friendly treat while you enjoy a hand-spun milkshake or house-made lemonade during the warmer months.   

2) Prospect Park Dog Beach

This wonderful dog playground is located at 95 Prospect Park West in Brooklyn. Prospect Park Dog beach has the whole shebang a canine could want! There is a vast grassy field calling for your pup to frolic. The dog beach is pawsitively divine, as eager pooches come to go for a little swim in the pond. 

3) Tompkins Square Dog Run

This park has bragging rights as being the first official dog park in New York. The park boasts three bone-shaped pools for dogs to enjoy. There is a lot of space for your pooch to run around and have a “pawsome” time.

In 2008, this dog park underwent a massive restoration. A new running surface made of sand was created, and many other improvements were made. There are also fun events and activities to look forward to, like the Halloween festival, where canines show off their cutest costumes.

4) Chelsea Waterside Park

Chelsea Waterside Park is great or you and your canine companion to go and have a blast together. It is one of the more distinctive dog parks in New York. There is plenty to do for dogs with a lot of energy to expend because it has climbing rocks and fun places to run and jump.

This dog park underwent a major renovation and opened again in the summer of 2022. It is now double in size and has public restrooms, new seating and benches, and a concession stand. This park is excellent for dogs who like socializing and playing with other enthusiastic pups.

5) Sirius Dog Run

Sirius Dog Park is a terrific yet modest dog park, as it was built in honor of a wonderful service dog who gave up his life during the September 11th, 2001 rescue efforts. His name was PAPD K-9 Sirius #17. He was a four-year-old Lab who worked as an explosives finder canine. He will always be remembered fondly. 

The dog run is small but is extremely fun for playful pups. There are some obstacles and hills for them to climb. There is also a doggie pool for them to cool off as well as numerous shaded areas and a water feature to keep your dog hydrated. 

6) Washington Square Park

If you and your dog prefer smaller parks to enjoy exercise and bonding time, this park may be for the two of you. Washington Square Park has public lawns for you and your pup to play a rousing game of catch or frisbee. The location is great, as it demonstrates the fun and adventure of the city.

This park allows vendors, street performers, and artists, and it can get a little crowded and busy. However, if your dog is a music lover, they may enjoy the beautiful noises from the buskers or entertainers playing their guitars.

7) Hillside Dog Park  

Hillside dog park gives your sweet pup plenty of space to exercise and have fun. It is located in DUMBO, Brooklyn. The park has several water fountains and little pools for your pup to wade in. The ground is comprised of dirt, grass, and wood chips. 

There is plenty of green grassy areas for you and your pup to see and experience. There are also woods for your curious canine to sniff and explore. The park is safe and fenced-in, so you can rest easy and watch the dogs play.

8) Central Park

Positioned in the middle of Manhattan, Central Park is a hot spot for visitors. The main downsides to this park are that you must keep your pup on a leash at certain times of the day, and certain places are off-limits to canines altogether. Aside from that, you and your four-legged family member will likely have fun here. 

The Mall and Bethesda Fountain are fun places for your pooch to play and enjoy themselves. Before 9 am and after 9 pm, pups can go free and engage in off-leash play. This park is known for dog parents to meet up and socialize, and your pup will love the scenery.

Rules of New York City Dog Parks dog parks new york city

Dog parks are a lot of fun, but everyone needs to work together to keep it that way. There are some general rules that New York City parks want dog parents to follow:

  • It is New York state law that all canines must be immunized against rabies, and you must carry evidence of vaccination with you
  • Keep your pup on their leash (no more than 6 feet long) unless you are specifically at an off-leash dog park or run
  • Please pick up after your dog, and discard their waste in containers supplied by the park or in a bag
  • Prevent your dog from pursuing other dogs, birds, squirrels, and wildlife

If we all abide by the rules, we can keep our dogs, other dogs, and each other safe.


There are many great dog parks in and around Manhattan, New York. If you and your pup are exploring for fun and adventure, the parks we listed in this article are great options!

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