Pre-Operative Questionnaire

Pre-Operative Questionnaire

Please fill out this form and return to us at least 24 hours prior to your pet’s procedure.

Pre-Operative Questionnaire

Pet & Procedure Information

Has your pet experienced any coughing or sneezing in the past 7 days?
Has your pet experienced any vomiting or diarrhea in the past 7 days?
Do you have any specific requests for the surgeon?
Would you like to be contacted by our surgical team to discuss anything prior to your pet’s procedure?
Is your pet taking any medications, supplements and/or special foods?
Does your pet have any allergies to any food or medications we should be aware of?
Do you need a refill of any medication and/or preventatives?
Have you completed the estimate via DocuSign or in person?


I understand that my pet(s) must be fasted prior to the procedure unless otherwise directed by the veterinarian. No food after midnight (12:00 AM). Water is allowed.



Procedures happen between 10 am and 4 pm. The doctor will call with an update as soon as your pet is recovering from anesthesia.


To mitigate risks associated with anesthesia, we perform preoperative testing, examinations, and customized anesthetic plans for every one of our patients. An intravenous catheter will be placed, and all necessary medication and pain management will be administered to ensure your pet is comfortable.

During the procedure, we use the highest quality anesthesia and monitor your pet's temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen level in the blood; while delivering IV fluids to help keep the blood pressure stable and expedite recovery. In the rare event your pet experiences an adverse reaction to any medication or anesthesia, every effort will be made to revive and sustain your pet’s life unless otherwise specified.

Throughout recovery one of our nurses will remain with your pet, ensuring they are kept warm and comfortable. After a routine recovery, the surgeon will call you with an update and schedule a discharge time which is typically between 3-5:30 pm.

I hereby understand the risks associated with general anesthesia and have been advised as to the nature of this procedure to be performed. I understand also that there is always a risk associated with any anesthesia episode, even in apparently healthy animals, and have discussed my concerns with the veterinarian.