Client Services Representative

Growing up between the southern parts of North Carolina and Central Florida, Miranda spent most of her childhood caring for farm animals and domesticated pets. At 18, she obtained a position within a Sarasota, FL pet resort that doubled as a senior dog rescue organization and fell in love with animal care. From this job she gained preliminary technician skills, rescue and animal rehabilitation experience, and adopted an 11 year old Australian Shepherd Lab mix named Heidi.

For a few years in between, Miranda put her rescue life on hold to pursue a professional career in dance. She auditioned for Orlando, FL dance company DRIP and was asked to perform as part of their company for the following year. Miranda then continued her dance life by working as a principal dancer in Emotions Dance Company and taught modern, jazz, and ballet classes within champion competition dance studio, DanzForce Extreme in the years leading up to relocating out of state.

Initially, Miranda moved her life to the Big Apple to pursue a commercial dance job, but was taken by the artistic community instead. She now works as a freelance artist and a solo/ensemble performer with Rox Republic. With her dance career fulfilled, she was able to find a home within Heart of Chelsea and Lower East Side Animal Hospital to continue her love for animal care work.

Miranda is now working on expanding her knowledge of social media marketing and business advertisement to aide in her position within both hospitals. When not working, Miranda can be found cooking up new vegan recipes in her Brooklyn apartment, spending too much money at Sephora, dancing at Broadway Dance Center, or hanging out with her cats, Obi Wan Catnobi and Anakitten Skywalker.