Veterinary Assistant

Lauren grew up in Brooklyn, NY surrounded by her parents, two sisters and a variety of animals. At a young age, she started showing interest in her mother’s yellow front amazon parrot, Poncho. Thanks to her mom and dad for allowing lauren to bring home hamsters, lizards, fish, hermit crabs, birds and a slew of other animals to add to the menagerie. This sparked her into entering the veterinary field. Lauren worked at a small animal hospital in Brooklyn for four years where she became foster mom to a stray pigeon, seagull, countless kittens and a litter of baby possums. She then went on to work at Heart of Chelsea in 2007. Her professional interests include animal behavior, client education and animal welfare. On her off time she enjoys going to the movies, shopping, getting tattoos, traveling and being with her “bushy tushy” Yorkie Sinatra, and her newest addition Joey, a chatty black cat.