Heart of Chelsea Veterinary Group has been closely following the developments of COVID-19, and we’d like to address how we are working to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus and maintain a safe environment for our clients, patients, and employees.

Hospital-wide hygiene briefings

As an AAHA accredited hospital, Heart of Chelsea already subscribes to best practice veterinary maintenance and safety protocols. To further diminish COVID-19 risks, all hospital staff has received updated briefings on operational safety recommendations from the CDC. Our team members have all been instructed to stay home and seek appropriate care if they are sick.   

Research-backed cleaning solutions and practices

Disinfectants are all formulated differently to target specific bacteria and pathogens. The Medical Directors at Heart of Chelsea have done extensive research into all possible cleaning solutions to ensure that we are using the safest products and formulas that will most effectively target and kill Coronavirus. All surface areas, veterinary and administrative devices are being disinfected at regular intervals throughout the day, and alcohol-based hand sanitizers are available for our clients at the reception desks and throughout each hospital. Please be patient with our team as we are thoroughly cleaning our exam rooms and all of the items needed to treat your pets between each patient visit. We are allowing for an extended contact time of our disinfectants on each surface to ensure labeled efficacy is achieved. We will not be accepting cash payments.

Social Distancing

A strict no-touch policy has gone into effect at Heart of Chelsea. This includes no handshaking or hugging. Clients in our waiting areas will be asked to maintain a 6-foot distance between one another and will be moved into isolated exam rooms as quickly as possible. If this is not possible, we will be asking clients to wait outside. 

Can my pet get Coronavirus?

We do not have a clear answer to this at this time. Currently, there is no evidence that pets can become sick. Infectious disease experts, as well as the CDC, OIE, and WHO, indicate there is no evidence to suggest that pet dogs or cats can be a source of infection with SARS-CoV-2, including spreading COVID-19 to people. More investigation is underway, and as we learn more, we will update you. However, because animals can spread other diseases to people and people can also spread diseases to animals, it’s a good idea to always wash your hands before and after interacting with animals.

We will continue to do our best to keep our three locations available to you during these times.

Our Heart of Chelsea team wishes you and your family safety and good health as we all navigate these unprecedented times together. We will continue to keep you updated with information related to your pets’ health.