HOCVG Spotlight: Dr. Love

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HOCVG Spotlight: Dr. Love

At Heart of Chelsea Veterinary Group we are extremely proud of our entire team and enjoy shedding light on those who work hard to make sure the best care is provided to you and your furry family members. This month, we would like to acknowledge Dr. Catriona Love.

Dr. Love studied animal science at the University of Connecticut and later graduated from University of Florida with a degree in veterinary medicine. After receiving her degree, she moved to Australia to practice small animal medicine, working with many exotic species in the wet tropics of Far North Queensland. Four years later, Dr. Love moved to New York City, where she found her home with Heart of Chelsea Veterinary Group.

Read on to learn more about her journey!


What did you do before vet school?

I went straight into vet school from undergrad at UConn where I obtained an Animal Science degree. I knew when I entered undergrad that I wanted to pursue this profession so I didn’t waste any time getting there.

What inspired you to become a veterinarian?

I can’t really think of a specific inspiration that made me want to be a vet. My mother remembers me always wanting to do this and I have certainly loved animals for as long as I can remember. I think most girls my age read James Harriot’s “All Creatures Great and Small”, which had a big impact on me. I’ve also always been fascinated by medicine so the fact that you could combine those two things into one profession is pretty spectacular.

How is practicing veterinary medicine in Australia different from practicing in the US?

Practicing in Australia was incredibly different to here in the states. I still worked with dogs and cats but the general opinion of animals in the home is quite different over there. Dogs mostly lived outdoors and cats definitely did. You can imagine with the types of wildlife they have, mainly incredibly venomous snakes and these horrible little paralysis ticks, outdoor animals were much more at risk so I saw a lot of stuff like that. In addition, I was living in a fairly remote part of the country and the closest emergency facility was at least 4 hours away so we saw everything. I did a lot of emergency work and because of the lack of specialists; it turned me into a much better overall practitioner for things like surgery and critical care. I loved it.

What’s the most interesting surgery you’ve performed?

I once removed a 10-pound abdominal mass from a 20-pound dog!  When I was doing my externship at the Oregon Zoo I got to do a root canal on a warthog tusk, which is definitely not something most people get to do I suspect.

Tell us about your pets.

I have three amazing furry animals living with me. Two ginger long-haired cats named Orange Blossom (OB for short) and Phil. Phil is pretty much the feline version of a velociraptor and we have had to change out most of our door handles because he knows how to open them. I also have a soul mate in the form of my Chihuahua mix Nola. She is about 5 pounds and was found wandering around the streets of Cairns, Australia when I met her. She is objectively one of the top 5 best dogs of all time, if you can call her a dog. Most people suspect she is mixed with some sort of marsupial. I also have a salt water fish tank that I was inspired to start since working at Heart of Chelsea. There are a surprising number of aquarists amongst us!

 What is your favorite part about working with Heart of Chelsea Veterinary Group? 

My favorite part of working at Heart of Chelsea is the team. It is amazing how much better your job is when you are surrounded by wonderful people. I had an amazing team at my clinic in Australia and I didn’t think I would ever find another hospital that would compare and somehow Heart of Chelsea accomplished that! I’m very grateful to be working here.


We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Dr. Love!  Stay tuned for future interviews with your favorite Heart of Chelsea team members.


Tail Wags,

Heart of Chelsea Veterinary Group